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||| Surprise Caramel Egg Muffins |||

These muffins are really easy and fast to put together. A plain vanilla muffin with a lovely chocolate and caramel centre thanks to the hidden Caramel Egg inside. They are fun to bake with kids especially at Easter time. 


::: Wonton Soup with Black Fungus :::

If Chinese food makes you think of heavy fried food then you need to learn a thing or two about real Chinese cuisine. Thanks to a Chinese friend I had back when I was studying, I discovered what Chinese cuisine was all about (ok not all!). In this soup I decided to use two types of dried black fungus I bought a while ago out of curiosity. (More info about Black Fungus below)


||| Double Chocolate Shortbread Cookies |||

These are by far the most amazing chocolate cookies I have ever tasted. They are insanely chocolatey. The kind that melt in your mouth and shoots you up to chocolate heaven! :D Not only that but your house will smell divine while they are baking!


||| Apple & Whisky Cake |||

 This is one of my favourite healthy-ish desserts. It is great that it contains no fats and I decided to make it sugar-free this time but you can make it as you prefer. There is nothing cakey about this recipe. The cake mixture is basically just there to bind the apples. This is all about apples, apples, apples! And the wonderful taste comes from the whisky which gives it an unusual depth. 
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