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||| Kinky Red Velvet (& black lace) Cupcakes |||

Red Velvet is the latest craze in the cupcake world! I don't know what has always kept me back from trying them out, maybe cause I never believed that they could taste as good as they look. I was wrong! With a special Hen's Night coming up I just knew I had to make these gorgeous cupcakes for the occasion. 


::: Sausage & Pumpkin Ravioli :::

It's pumpkin o'clock! It's pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin wherever you look! So I'm gonna share with you a delicious recipe my mum makes which I absolutely love!


||| Lemon Meringue |||

I love lemons, I just find them so refreshing. For a lemon-lover nothing can beat a good old-fashioned Lemon Meringue. And here I present you a fool-proof age-old recipe of the mighty Lemon Meringue.


::: Spaghetti Vongole :::

I've been on the hunt for the perfect Spaghetti Vongole and finally I can say I found it! After trying this dish from several restaurants I discovered THE ONE in a restaurant in Xlendi, Gozo.  In this recipe I tried my best to achieve the same heavenly flavours I had experienced. This is a crowd pleaser that you can prepare in no time and is perfect on a nice Summer evening with a nice glass of white wine!



:: Salmon with a herb crust & Hasselback potatoes ::

I call this one of my signature dishes as it has been with me for over 10 years. This is an all rounder. An easy fool-proof recipe that you can prepare in 30 minutes and it simply cannot go wrong.  Not only that, it looks sophisticated enough to present at a dinner party or simply for a romantic dinner for two. 


|| Chocolate Guinness Cake with Whisky Icing ||

For all the chocolate, whisky & Guinness lovers out there! This is an amazing dark and dense chocolate cake with a lingering velvety taste of Guinness. The whiskey frosting is the perfect accompaniment to this cake making it an ideal St. Patrick's day dessert..or a sweet surprise to any grown-up party ;)


||| Exotic Fruit Salad |||

A quick fruit salad that you can fix easily when you are caught without a dessert but still want to impress. The sweet peaches and floral notes of the lychees contrast the blood oranges perfectly, creating a balance in the sweetness of the fruits. The fresh mint helps to further enhance the flavours of these lovely fruits whilst acting as a palate cleanser.


::: Turkish Manti :::

This is a really quick pasta dish that you will put together in a couple of minutes. I just love how simple yet amazingly flavourful this dish is. Next time I will try this recipe with the real homemade manti (meat ravioli). Can't imagine how even more amazing it could taste!


||| White Chocolate & Cranberry Muffins |||

Finally I managed to find the perfect fool-proof muffin recipe. No more tough, dense muffins for me! These muffins are choc-a-bloc with chunks of white chocolate which compliments the lovely juicy cranberries really well. Give these muffins a try and don't be afraid to experiment with different chocolate and fruits.


||| Green Almond Cupcakes |||

An easy peasy quick cupcake  recipe that will make your friends 'green' with envy! Light airy cupcakes with a mild almond flavour that are great for St. Patrick's Day!


::: Ginger & Lemon Chicken :::

If you think there is no such thing as healthy comfort food then you're in for a surprise. Check out this zingy juicy chicken bursting with not only antioxidants but also wonderful deep flavours. A recipe that will definitly tingle your taste buds.


::: Salmon & Rucola Salad in Phyllo Baskets :::

A lovely way to start your meal and tingle your taste buds. It looks complicated and poshy but it is really very easy to put together. So, leave an impression on your guests at your next dinner party!


||| Valentine's Day Cherry Cheesecake Hearts |||

With Valentine's Day around the corner I thought of giving you an idea of what you can prepare for your other half. This dessert is both aesthetically pleasing and also a feast for your taste buds. It is sweet, red & heart-shaped..ticks all the boxes for an ideal Valentine's Day dessert. You can expect a shower of kisses too ;)


||| Gingerbread Cake with Orange Icing |||

 This is a dark moist and mysterious cake, with rich spicy flavours and a lingering taste of orange. Perfect for the cold festive season. 

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